meet ( me )

name || erin dozois ||
i am a || mommy || artist || explorer || pisces ||
full-time || designer || coder || writer ||
part-time || pokémon master ||
+ ♥ || relaxation ||
– ♥ || being ordinary ||
i grew up an only child and spent most my days drawing pictures, writing stories and playing with hyperstudio, circa 1994. over 20 years, a degree and one child later, i spend most my days…drawing pictures, writing stories and spending hours playing with wordpress (and sometimes the xbox—don’t judge me).

when i’m not doing that, you can find me curled up on the couch with my cat, drooling over fashion i can’t afford, cooking something ethnic or obsessing about my next grand traveling adventure.
my work is completely focused on user experience, balancing intuitive predictability with that little something unexpected. i guess you could say i thrive on creating things you’ve seen a million times that you’ve never seen before.
i love the challenge of versatility. by immersing myself into each of my client’s unique objectives and cultures, i’ve been lucky enough to explore various styles and methods of delivery and really grow as a designer. that being said, my personal aesthetic trends toward all things bold and graphic.


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